Cape Town Construction Company - engineering

Our structural engineer designs structures to withstand stresses and pressures imposed through environmental conditions and human use. Under his supervision the team ensure buildings and other structures do not deflect, rotate, vibrate excessively or collapse and that buildings remain stable and secure throughout their use. Choice of material is critical to meet design specifications. Inspection examining of existing buildings is part of the process to ensure buildings are structurally sound and fit for purpose.  Previous engineering includes: houses, theatres, sport stadiums, hospitals, schools, office blocks, bridges, oil rigs, space satellites, ships and air craft’s.  Our structural engineering team works in close partnership with our architects and other professionals.  Our engineers work with steel, light weight steel (grade 550), concrete, structural timber (including log homes and thatch), glass engineering (thickness calculations), and final completion engineer certifications.

Our civil engineer works with potable water, storm water, sewer drainage, and rational fire installations systems (SANS10400-W).

Our mechanical engineer focus on aspects of water supply and mechanical ventilation.

We do energy engineering including: SANS –204-XA appointment, fenestration conductivity calculations, solar heat gain calculations, roof energy calculations, masonry wall energy calculations and first floor energy calculations.

We do green building engineering including: the weather ability of natural products, engineering of natural sustainable products, expert Canadian log home style design and construction, straw bale construction, energy saving and sustainability, energy storage and energy balances, bio-gas energy development, bio-digester design and construction, solar energy, and pool heat pump air conditioning.

We undertake heritage projects and maintenance including thatch work and a lightweight panel system for Spaanche reed.  We have undertaken various heritage projects in Mamre and other areas.

Cape Town Construction Company - architectural design



Our architects focus on the design of new buildings and structures, alterations to existing buildings or advising on the cost effective restoration and conservation of old properties.


The team are involve from an early stage of a building project, developing concepts, determining the budget, assessing the needs of the building and it users, and investigating the impact of the building within the local environment.


Our architectural team specialises in the science of architecture, building design and construction. They will ensure an attractive, functional building that performs successfully, using the right materials and meeting all building regulations.

Cape Town Construction Company - BOQ



Our building plan estimator undertakes building cost estimates based on building plans and delivers a detailed, quantified report of material and labour from foundation up to roof height.

We also provide cash flow programmes (i.e. indicating when payments can be made to contractors), and determine bills of quantities (BOQs) for tendering purposes.

Cape Town Construction Company - health & safety

We provide a full health and safety service to contractors and clients including the compilation of health and safety specifications, assessing contractors’ health and safety files, and hazard identification and risk assessment.

Health and safety files (including plans, job specific fall protection plans, policies and procedures, risk management and policies, job and site specific files for principal contractors and subcontractors)

Health and safety officers and managers (including the provision of site permanent health and safety officers and managers to contractors and subcontractors)

Health and safety auditing (to all industries)

Health and safety management systems (i.e. assisting you with implementing a functional health and safety management system)

Fire and emergency evacuation assessments (i.e. assisting you hand with assessing your property and/or business for fire and emergency compliance)

Accident and incident investigation (i.e. assisting you with carrying out a full root cause analysis and investigation of you site incidents)

Asbestos risk assessment and register (i.e. a full asbestos identification and risk assessment of your property and/or building and identification of all types and condition of asbestos)

Environmental services (including the provision of environmental control officers/managers, undertaking environmental risk assessments, providing environmental management plans, undertaking environmental impact assessments (EIA), pest control services, and cleaning services)

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